Thursday, March 17, 2016

Debate With Modern Technology In Classrooms

Some people think that it would be a great idea to allow students to use electronics in school while others think that it would be a bad idea. For something like this it can turn into a debate. I am going to say 3 reasons why we should have access to electronics in school and 3 reasons why not.
1st reason is that computers are a great source of education. They are efficient and easy to use too.2nd We could access a lot more than we could from a pile of books. In a blink of an eye the search engine could receive over 46,000 pieces of information. 3rd reason: You wont have to worry about caring a backpack that weighs 20 pounds.electronic devices for example an ipad could be your math notebook, English notes, history textbook, etc.
Why we shouldn't allow electronics to students.
The first reason is that you can get distracted very easily. You might be tempted to do other things rather then focus on work and the teacher will have to remind you to stay on task.
2nd reason: Students might be tempted to steal computers or laptops and take them home.
3rd reason: People could abuse their technology.

Monday, March 14, 2016


Should our school participate in a “Screen-Free-Week” break from electronic media?
I say Yes!! it is healthy to take breaks from technology from time to time. Also when we look at projectors or computer screens it does not increase your pupils improvement, it actually decreases it! It has been said that some teachers or students have looked at computer screens and noticed that it was hard to focus and they could get a bit "dazzled." It is also a known fact that education systems "which have invested heavily in information and communications technology have seen no noticeable improvement" for reading, mathematics or science.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Interview

Qadon Bais

I had been planning this interview for a couple of days now and was pretty excited about it. At first I didn't know who to interview, but after thinking for a little bit i kind of had an idea.  
At 11:35 I walked into the school office. It was very calm since there weren't much people there. There was a desk, computer, some files and a chair that was surrounding me. I saw one of the staff members and greeted them, “Hello Ms. Morgen, how is your afternoon so far?”I said “It is going very good, thank you,” She replied. “Would you like to be in my interview? I asked. It's for English.” “Yeah sure.”she said. I asked her what would be a good time for her and she said right now would be a good time. So, i grabbed a nearby chair, held a pencil to my notebook and began asking questions.

Question 1: What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned over the course of life?
Ms. Morgen: “Just to be kind and treat others how you want to be treated.”

Question 2: “What would you say are the major values or principles that you live by?”
Ms. Morgen: “Be kind in general, “Be honest and live as an ethical person and live gently on the earth.”
Me: “What do you mean by live as an Ethical person?”
Ms. Morgen: “Well it means to not lie, or cheat,etc.”

Question 3: “What are some important choices or decisions you made that you have learned from?”
Ms. Morgen: “One lesson that I have learned from was don't burn the bridges behind you.”
Ms. Morgen:” Don't leave badly.”
Me: “Ok, can you give me an example?”
Ms. Morgen: “If you leave a job and slug your boss that would be an example of burning the bridges behind you.”

Question 4: “What were you like as a young kid?”
Ms. Morgen: “I had 3 younger sisters and had to take care of them most of the time since my parents were at work, But I did play a lot of sports, went to parties and was very social around people.”

Question 5: “What were some challenges in life that you had to deal with?”
Ms. Morgen: “Having and raising children was a challenge…ha ha.” (Another challenge she had to deal with was a dying dad.) “I also moved a lot as a kid since my father worked in the military.”(She would have been called a Military Brat/a girl who travels when one of their parents work for the military.) Out of all the places Ms. Morgen has traveled to she thought that San Luis Obispo was the best. “I think that this is a very good town. I traveled a lot, but this my favorite that I've lived at. It's beautiful, calm, friendly people, and we also have the beach!”

I enjoyed interviewing Ms. Morgen. She gave me good answers to my questions and would elaborate on some of the phrases that she said. Some of the things that she told me i could relate to, For example, one is that she had to move a lot as a kid. I also had to move a lot too. We communicated a lot between each other and had some laughs. But, some parts of our conversation would get a little emotional. For example when she told me she had to deal with a dying dad, I knew that had affected her by the expression of her face and the sad look in her eyes.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Historical Narritive

     Kyle The Peasant

There i was once again walking on the side of the road with my head cocked down with No love, no wealth, and no teeth. And just to make it worse some dung heap on my left foot. By the way my name is Kyle and I’m 16. There is not really much to know about myself except that i’m homeless(Though, i did used to live in a farmer's barn But, once i got spotted he kicked me out) and got no one to watch out for me.  
I had just come from the village called Booger Woogers but, when they found out i was stealing the farmers food and was dishonest i got kicked out. I’ve been in six villages and kicked out in each one of them for either theft or irresponsible behavior; maybe for just stupidity too. All i want in life is for someone i can trust and to be there for me like a best friend.
In the distance i could hear the sound of feet thumping on the road. Soon enough a young nor old man started talking to me.
“Hey Kid! You need a lift? You can ride on one of my cows for a shilling.”
“No, but thanks.”
“Oh, come on! I’ll drop you off at the nearest village, i tell you what, you can ride for free.”
“Uhhh….. sure, what do i got to lose.”
I jumped on to one of his cows and we continued on the road ahead.
“So kid, ya have a name?”
“Yes sir, it’s Kyle.”
“ok kyle, where were you headed?”
“No where. Just seeing where i would end up i guess.”
“Well we are here so, i guess this is goodbye.”
“Thanks for the ride again, bye!”
I jumped off his cow and waved as he rode off. When i started walking throughout the village i could tell that this was a nice place. Kids were laughing and playing games. The villagers were very friendly and respectful. Then a pretty girl came up to me. I was quite at first. she was ‘bout my age and my height, and Everything was fine, until she started talking.
“Are you just going to keep on looking at me or are you going to say something?”
“oh...uh...hi,” i said.
“hi……. my name is Alice.”
“nice, my name is kyle.”
“So are you new in town?”
“yea, actually i am”
“Well then i guess i have to show you around the village.”
Alice showed me where the churches were and the bar, and everything else about the village. I liked it here and wanted to stay. It was a calm and nice village. I also liked Alice, she was nice to me and was fun being around. And since i didn't have a place to stay she let me sleep in her barn. :)
As the days went by Alice and I became even better friends. We hung out more and she even promoted me from in the barn to having me sleep in the house…..on a real bed!!!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Where the side walk ends

(S)Where the side walk ends is a book about poetry.(CX) Because this book has a different poem on each page, it changes up the story.(CD) The reason i like this book is that it shows you many different poems and expands your creativity.

Percys unprepared

(S) Percy was fighting bad guys. (CP) He was struggling since he didn't have his sword to defend himself. (CX) After the fight Percy had cuts and brusis because he wasn't prepared.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

100 Hands

100 Hands
          Percy, Annebeth, Grover, and Tyson are all getting chased by a monster and its gaining on them. They have to cross a closing exit so that the monster will be blocked. Finally after running for a while they find an exit. It starts to slowly fall to the ground and Percy is the last one to the exit and he does not have an enough time to make it. But, Luckily he did......barely; 1 second later and his brains would of been scattered all over the floor. After They catch their breath they go back to exploring the maze to seek what is up ahead.